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trade term / price term 价格术语
    world / international market price 国际市场价格
    FOB (free on board) 离岸价
    C&F (cost and freight) 成本加运费价
    CIF (cost, insurance and freight) 到岸价
    freight 运费
    wharfage 码头费
    landing charges 卸货费
    customs duty 关税
    port dues 港口税
    import surcharge 进口附加税
    import variable duties 进口差价税
    commission 佣金
    return commission 回佣,回扣
    price including commission 含佣价
    net price 净价
    wholesale price 批发价
    discount / allowance 折扣
    retail price 零售价
    spot price 现货价格
    current price 现行价格 / 时价
    indicative price 参考价格
    customs valuation 海关估价
    price list 价目表
    total value 总值
    All Risks 一切险
    F.P.A. (Free from Particular Average) 平安险
    W.A. / W.P.A (With Average or With Particular Average) 水渍险
    War Risk 战争险
    F.W.R.D. (Fresh Water Rain Damage) 淡水雨淋险
    Risk of Intermixture and Contamination 混杂、玷污险
    Risk of Leakage 渗漏险
    Risk of Odor 串味险
    Risk of Rust 锈蚀险
    Shortage Risk 短缺险
    T.P.N.D. ( Theft, Pilferage & Non-delivery) 偷窃提货不着险
    Strikes Risk 罢工险
    WTO (World Trade Organization) 世界贸易组织
    IMF (International Monetary Fund) 国际货币基金组织
    CTG (Council for Trade in Goods) 货币贸易理事会
    EFTA (European Free Trade Association) 欧洲自由贸易联盟
    AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) 东盟自由贸易区
    JCCT (China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade) 中美商贸联委会
    NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area) 北美自由贸易区
    UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) 联合国贸易与发展会议
    GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) 关贸总协定
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    外汇 foreign exchange
    法定贬值 devaluation    
    外币 foreign currency   
    法定升值 revaluation    
    汇率 rate of exchange   
    浮动汇率floating rate    
    国际收支 balance of payments   
    硬通货 hard currency    
    直接标价 direct quotation    
    软通货 soft currency    
    间接标价 indirect quotation   
    金平价 gold standard    
    买入汇率 buying rate      
    通货膨胀 inflation    
    卖出汇率 selling rate     
    固定汇率 fixed rate    
    金本位制度 gold standard    
    黄金输送点 gold points    
    铸币平价 mint par    
    纸币制度 paper money system    
    国际货币基金 international monetary fund    
    黄金外汇储备 gold and foreign exchange reserve    
    汇率波动的官定上下限 official upper and lower limits of fluctuation

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    We arrange shipments to any part of the world.    我们承揽去世界各地的货物运输。
    From what I've heard you're ready well up in shipping work.
    What is your specific transport requirement?
    It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation.
    The two sides finally reached an agreement on the mode of transportation.
    Today let's discuss the mode of transportation of the steel we ordered.
    How do you usually move your machines?
    The goods are now in transit.
    A part of the goods were damaged in transit.
    If the cargo space must be reserved, please send us the necessary application forms.
    do you do any chartering?
    Words and Phrases
    transport 运输
    to be in transit 正在运输
    move 运输
    transportation business 运输业
    transportation company (corporation) 运输公司
    transportation cost 运输成本
    mode of transportation 运输方式
    way of transportation 运输方式
    means of transportation 运输方式
    to do charter 租船
    cargo space 货舱

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angsile(2007/10/2 7:14:49)  IP:139.* * *

The shipment has arrived in good condition.


    I hope you'll be entirely satisfied with this initial shipment.


    Please exercise better care with future shipments.


    Can last shipment be duplicated?


    We regret we can't ship as you desired.


    We'll send vessels to pick up the cargo at Huangpu.


    There is an over-shipment of 200 lbs.


    Can we short-ship 5 tons?


    Please hold shipment pending our instructions.


    The goods are all ready for shipment.


    I've got a bone to pick with you over your last shipment to London.


    The cargo has been shipped on board s.s. "Dong Feng".


    We ship most of our oil in bulk.


    We can get preferential duty rates when we ship to the U.S.A.


    The facilities for shipping goods to southeast Asian countries have changed a lot.


    Words and Phrases

    shipment 装运

    shipping advice 装船通知

    loading 装货

    shipping order 装货单

    to effect shipment 装运

    shipping 装运的

    shipping mark 装运标志

    to make shipment 交货,装运

    to ship 装船,装运

    shipping instruction 装船单据

    to make delivery of the goods 交货

    to take delivery of the goods 提货

    ]unloading/discharging 卸货

    loading list 装船单

    loading charge 装船费

    loading certificate 装货证明书

    loading days 装货天数,装载时间

    load off 卸货

    Male's Receipt 大副收据

    loaded on Deck (货物)装于甲板上

    Shipping Instructions Form 装船指示单

    shipping documents 装船单据

    cargo mark 货物装运标志

.4.  回复:国际贸易英语词汇收集汇总
angsile(2007/10/2 7:17:14)  IP:139.* * *

There is an arbitration clause in the contract. (or insurance clause, inspection clause, shipping clause...)
We sincerely hope that both quality and quantity are in conformity with the contract stipulations.
The contract states that the supplier will be charged a penalty if there is a delay in delivery.
The contract comes into effect today, we can’t go back on our word now.
Once the contract is approved by the Chinese government, it is legally binding upon both parties.

We always carry out the terms of our contract to the letter and stand by what we say.
You have no grounds for backing out of the contract.
In case one party fails to carry out the contract, the other party is entitled to cancel the contract.
This contract will come into force as soon as it is signed by two parties.
Are you worrying about the non-execution of the contract and non-payment on our part?
You cannot cancel the contract without first securing our agreement.

We signed a contract for medicines.
A Japanese company and SINOCHEM have entered into a new contract.
I know we (the seller) should draw up a contract and the buyer has to sign it.
We both want to sign a contract, and we have to make some concessions to do it.
Our current contract is about to expire, and we’ll need to discuss a new one.

We ought to clear up problems arising from the old contract.
Do you always make out a contract for every deal?
These are two originals of the contract we prepared.
We enclose our sales contract No.45 in duplicate.
May I refer you to the contract stipulation about packing (or shipping....)?
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