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The Worst Things That Global Warming Can Cause

Whether you believe global warming is manmade or not, the fact of the matter is that the world is warming, and we are already feeling the effects of this warming. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations organization, we will see at least two degrees of warming in the coming decades. While we may be seeing more floods, droughts and stronger storms now, what does the future hold? Well, here are the worst effects that global warming can cause us.

1.Rising Seas

When the sea ice in the Arctic melts, the sea level of the world will not rise because the water is already displaced by the ice. However, when the ice on Greenland and Antarctica melts, we will see a dramatic sea level rise. According to scientists and An Inconvenient Truth, it is projected that there will be a 20 foot increase in sea levels by 2100 with the melting of the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets. While 20 feet may not seem like a lot, it is enough to submerge most of the low-lying areas in the world including Miami, New York and

当北极海冰融化,世界海平面不会上升,因为水已经被冰所置换。但是,如果格陵兰岛和南极洲的冰融化,就会出现明显的海平面上升。根据科学家们和纪录片《难以忽视的真相》的预测,到2100年,随着格陵兰岛和南极洲冰层融化,海平面将升高20 呎。虽然20英尺看起来不是很多,但它足以淹没包括迈阿密,纽约和孟加拉国在内的世界大部分低洼地区。

2.Saying Goodbye to Glaciers

Now, most of us go our entire lives without ever seeing a glacier in person, so many people do not see the reason why glaciers are so important in our lives. Well, glaciers actually play a big part in our lives, and without them our world would be completely changed. As well, the loss of glaciers can already be seen. In Glacier National Park in Montana, there were once 150 glaciers. These days, there are 35 glaciers. Within 15 years, there may be no more glaciers in a park known and named for glaciers. A larger problem with melting glaciers is the loss of drinking water. The Ganges River provides water to at least 500 million people in Southeast Asia and India. Its source is the Himalayan glaciers and according to The Washington Post, the glaciers in the Himalayan Mountains are shrinking by 40 yards per year. The loss of these glaciers would have a devastating impact on the areas dependent on the rivers that get their source from the glaciers.http://www.24en.com爱思英语网
现在,我们大多数人一生都没有亲眼见过冰川,所以很多人不明白冰川对我们生活的重要性。嗯,冰川其实在我们生活中起着举足轻重的作用,没有冰川,我们的世界将完全不同。而现在冰川已经蒙受损失。在蒙大拿州冰河国家公园,曾经有150个冰川。而现如今却只有35个冰川。在15年内,这个以冰川命名,并因此出名的公园可能再也没有冰川了。冰川融化引起的更严重问题是饮用水的损失。恒河水为至少5 亿东南亚和印度人民提供水源。恒河就是来自喜马拉雅冰川,根据《华盛顿邮报》报道,喜马拉雅山脉的冰川正以每年40码的速度萎缩。这些冰川的损失将影响到那些以冰川为源的河流,进而对流域内地区造成破坏性影响。http://www.24en.com爱思英语网

3.Things Will Be Hot, Hot, Hot

As can be expected with something called global warming, heat is going to be a serious problem in the future. We have already seen what heat can do in our lives. In 2003, Europe suffered through one of the worst heat waves in its history. In just a few short months in the summer, over 35,000 people died from the heat. According to the Global Development and Environment Institute out of Tufts University, heat waves are currently happening as much as four times as much now. As well, the number of heat waves has been rising over the last 50 years. It is also estimated that during the next 40 years, extreme heat waves will be 100 times more likely.
从称之为全球变暖这一现象就可预期,热天气将是未来的一个严重问题。我们早已领略炎热对我们生活的影响。 2003年,欧洲遭受有史以来最严重的热浪袭击。在夏季短短数月,35,000多人死于高温。根据塔夫茨大学全球发展与环境研究所统计,目前热浪出现的严重程度是原来的四倍多。同时,热浪发生的次数在过去50年也不断增加。另据估计,在未来40年,极端热浪出现的可能性高达100倍。

Heat waves do not just make things hot for us, they have other serious consequences. First, when things are hot, more people use air conditioners and that puts a lot of pressure on the electrical grid. This can cause blackouts which, if lasting long enough, can cause civil unrest. Other problems include higher risks for wildfires and forest fires, more heat related illnesses, warm weather bugs staying around longer and moving farther north, and an increase in the overall temperature of the planet.

Heat waves are very serious, and in the next few decades we are going to be seeing more and more of them.

4.Extreme Weather

As the world warms, storms and floods will become much more severe. According to An Inconvenient Truth, the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has doubled in just the last 30 years alone. The reason for this is the warm waters created by global warming. As the waters of the planet begin to warm, they provide more energy towards storms like hurricanes. In a report from USA Today, the number of hurricanes has continually increased from 1905 to 2005. Between 1905 and 1930, there were 3.5 hurricanes per year. From 1931 to 1994, the number of hurricanes increased to 5.1 per year. In the short period between 1995 to 2005, there were 8.4 hurricanes per year. Flooding will also increase as more rain falls from stronger storms, costing billions of dollars in repair

随着世界变暖,暴雨和洪水灾害将变得更加严重。据《难以忽视的真相》预测,仅仅在刚过去的30年里,4类和5类飓风的数量就增加了一倍。此中原因是受全球气候变暖带来的水温上升。随着地球上的水域开始变暖,它们为飓风之类的风暴提供了更多的能量。在《今日美国》的一篇报告中可以发现,从1905年至2005年间,飓风数量不断增加。 1905年和1930年之间,每年有3.5次飓风。从1931年到1994年,飓风数量增加至每年5.1次。在1995年至1930年短短10年期间,每年飓风增加到8.4次。由于风暴更强,降雨更多,洪水也势必会增加更多,灾后恢复的成本高达数十亿美元。
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