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The myth and reality of flat-sharing


Bills split, roommate fun, the kindness of friends and the potential for romance. The two-season drama iPartment (《爱情公寓》), set in Shanghai, has shown us how great it can be to live with others, especially members of the opposite sex. The drama, which tells the story of young men and women sharing two neighboring apartments, has become extremely popular, and is widely regarded as the Chinese version of Friends.http://www.24en.com爱思英语网


But sadly, residents of real “love apartments” have seen a very different side to the story.


Low rent


iPartment: The four-bedroom apartments located in central Shanghai are fully furnished and well decorated, with *spacious living rooms. What’s more, life seems easy: It appears that the apartments cost each resident less than 2,000 yuan per month. And among the residents are the jobless Ziqiao and Meijia.http://www.24en.com爱思英语网


Huangfu Qijia, 24, technical engineer at Siemens China in Shanghai


I am sharing a two-bedroom, 60-square-meter apartment with a couple in Pudong District. The monthly rent for each bedroom is 2,250 yuan, which is one third of my salary. I have to work really hard and eat fast food for each meal. And I dare not even ask for any vacation time, as this would reduce my performance-related pay.


Funny roomates


iPartment: They have so many fun roommates in iPartment. There’s Sekiya, a Japanese animator whose awkward Chinese causes amusement; there’s Youyou, an *extra who is always *upbeat about her unsuccessful acting career; and there’s Ziqiao, a lady’s man who is only good at *flirting.http://www.24en.com爱思英语网


Wei Qiuming, 25, a tour guide in Beijing


My roommates are all regular people, including a clothes shop owner, a computer programmer, and a supermarket manager. The shop owner is female and the other two are male. Most of the time, we just complain to each other about tough bosses, unfriendly co-workers, and sometimes, bad clients. We don’t have much fun time together.


Indeed friendship


iPartment: The roommates are always there for each other. For example, when Sekiya had money problems, but was too proud to accept help, Meijia deliberately lost money to him in a poker game. Later, the roommates tried everything to help Yumo get over a painful breakup.


Li Fei, 23, an editor in Shenzhen Media Group


Currently, I have two roommates, a man and a woman. We seldom talk. Sometimes I need to work from 4 am to 12 am. When I return home, they are at work. And we keep toilet paper and washing powders in seperate bedrooms so that no one else can touch them. Also, wars often break out over dirty dishes in the kitchen, left-up toilet seats and loud music.

目前,我有一男一女两位室友。我们很少说话。有时我需要从早上4点一直工作到中午12点。当我回家时,他们都还在上班。为了不让别人乱用,我们都把卫生纸和洗衣粉放在各自的房间里。 而且,我们时常会因为厨房里的脏盘子,没有放下的马桶圈或是吵闹的音乐而爆发争吵。

Sweet romance


iPartment: Love happens in iPartment: Wanyu accepted Zhanbo’s proposal, and Sekiya and Youyou are now also happy together. Furthermore, the chemistry between Yifei and Xiaoxian is evident. The couples can enjoy half-price rent, free water and electricity as well as the many blessings of friendship. http://www.24en.com爱思英语网


Hu Xin, 25, an employee at China Merchants Bank in Guangzhou


I am living with two female colleagues. And I started dating one of the roommates last year. But we’ve kept it a secret from our other roommate, as we fear the relationship could create problems for the whole household. For instance, she might feel embarrassed around us. It is so inconvenient for us as a couple.

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